Game Developers Academy – introduction!

Hello and welcome to my blog,

I will available here materials, tips and interesting facts, they help you create your own game, and be complement my comments on the videos. If Youtube does not show the latest movies, you can always look here.

It is what you will find just below!

Description of the operation of basic Unity mechanisms
Tricks in Unity
Instructional video “how to do”
Films for medium-advanced
Descriptions of how to make/describe the system
Answers to your questions
Description of creating and release of a game

A few words about me – my name is Adrian, since 2012 I am interested and I work on the Unity engine. I am currently working at Donkey Crew as a technical artist on the Unreal Engine 4 engine, I am also a lecturer at the Wrocław University of Children and Lower Silesian Higher School, and after hours I create games, this blog and assets.The video mentioned below. Have a nice day!

Bellow you can find video. Have a nice day!

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