Unity Tilemap palete (2D Grid) – tutorial #5


we have a small delay with entries, because it is different in life ? Fortunately, we return to action.

We will get acquainted with the teilmap – a type of net that will allow us to create game levels. We can open several teilmaps at the same time, but on the top there will be the one in which we are currently drawing (we can change the active layers). They are created very quickly, – we can paint single grids as well as larger surfaces with a square or paint cans. Errors can be erased using an eraser.

Tip: we can create a map without a collision. We create a square with a collision and create a script – interract on triger 2D. In the case when someone approaches to the edge of map, drawing of the map is turned off.

The next entries will be about the mechanics of moving platforms, switches, opening the door with a key or dialogs. Below is a link to the video, enjoy watching!

See you next week ?

Unity Asset Store, how to download packages? – tutorial # 4

Hey, in today’s post I will deal with Unity Asset Store – we can find there a lot of useful things in work with Unity – music, graphics, scripts – everything that we can’t / don’t want to prepare, but we need 😉

Important information – having open Unity, we can search for, what we need on the store’s website, however, but when the package opens, the Unity functions are turned off.

The package – 2D Game Kit (free) is the first package that will allow us to get used to the objects on Unity. However, be patient, depending on the speed of the computer, it may take about 15 minutes.

Have fun, see you next week!

Unity description of the main layout – tutorial #3

Hey, we have another lesson ahead of us 🙂 Today I will talk about the Unity menu bar and the tools in it.

In the following video you will find out where you can find the bookmarks: Project, Edit, Window – where we can edit the look of our interface.

I will also describe where we can find options to rotate our item, etc. and I will show the possibility of viewing our object in two views – rendered and in the scene, where we can edit our subject.

You can find more information in the video, enjoy watching. We see you in a week!

Unity create project – tutorial #2

I do not know if you’ve seen my latest video. If not, you have to see it!

Perhaps this is not the most revealing film, but soon we start create a real projects. This short introduction aims to introduce people who have just started creating their first project.

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How to start with Unity? Unity hub – tutorial #1

Welcome to my next episode dedicated to the basics of Unity. We will start with simple things, because if we do not have a solid foundation, we will have a problem in the future. Then we will waste more hours to learning this than if we did it, at the beginning of the road.

Very important information is the version of the unit in which we created the project, because on another computer, opening our project, we must operate on the same version of the software. It can be viewed in the description – under the name of the project, and if necessary we can change it using the menu on the right side of the screen. A bookmark that is also worth visiting is – learn, there you will find tutorials.

That would be enough for today. I can not wait for the lessons in which we will start working on the project, I hope you too.

Video below. Have fun!

Game Developers Academy – introduction!

Hello and welcome to my blog,

I will available here materials, tips and interesting facts, they help you create your own game, and be complement my comments on the videos. If Youtube does not show the latest movies, you can always look here.

It is what you will find just below!

Description of the operation of basic Unity mechanisms
Tricks in Unity
Instructional video “how to do”
Films for medium-advanced
Descriptions of how to make/describe the system
Answers to your questions
Description of creating and release of a game

A few words about me – my name is Adrian, since 2012 I am interested and I work on the Unity engine. I am currently working at Donkey Crew as a technical artist on the Unreal Engine 4 engine, I am also a lecturer at the Wrocław University of Children and Lower Silesian Higher School, and after hours I create games, this blog and assets.The video mentioned below. Have a nice day!

Bellow you can find video. Have a nice day!